C O R E T R A I N I N G - New projects:



First of all, our ‘Big Announcement’: Core Training is transitioning from mobile Personal Training to a settled location.


Yes, that’s right, Core Training is opening its very first studio location in the heart of Vevey, just a 2 minute walk from the train station.


It will have exceptional equipment from functional equipment to weights, cables, and specialized conditioning equipment. We are ensuring all of our clients as much value possible, while also allowing us to cater to a wider audience. So don’t hesitate to book your FREE fitness consultation today!


Having a studio will also allow us to put on group classes without worrying about the weather. Next Monday, 24th of October, we will be announcing our first weekly class schedule. If personal training isn’t for you, you want the more social aspect of training or if you are currently unable to afford personal training, then why don’t you come along and try one of our group classes for free!  


(Also, if 5 or more of you would like a private class at a specific time and day, please get in touch this weekend and we can arrange it for you.)


Finally, on the 7th of January we will be launching our first ever 12-week challenge. For a reasonable fee, we will take 10 ladies on a journey to change their life.


This will include a seminar launch day where we will go over what the challenge will entail, look at nutrition and even have a training session to ensure everyone is able to train and exercise safely. Everyone taking part will receive a nutrition plan and consultation, training guides to do individually, and two group classes per week for the whole 12 weeks (alongside monthly group check-ins and weekly individual check-ins).


What we are aiming to provide is not just physical progress, but to also see the mental progression through habit changes and lifestyle improvements. So, if you need a kick-start on your health and fitness journey, this is for you. We are here hold you accountable, help educate you in what you should do and more importantly provide unconditional support. More details will be released over the next month, but if this is of interest of you don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.


Sign-ups will officially open on the 1st November!