Body Shaming. Why do people still do it?

My sister sent me this article today which was saying how fit shaming was the new fat shaming.

I think the question is, enough people are insecure with how their body looks why are fit/fat/skinny shaming anyone at all!

Politically if you fat shame someone you come across as rude, probably mean and a little vain. A fat person would be insulted if we quite simply pointed out that he was fat. Youd think pointing out to a very skinny girl that she is skinny would make her feel good, but i assure you that is not the case. As a girl who is into fitness and building muscle , when someone tells me I have big arms I take it as a compliment but I know deep down they're not saying it as a compliment.

I am strong minded enough and love my fitness enough to not let it bother me. I am not going to stop lifting heavy because half of society think I look like a man. (I assure you I don't have near enough muscle in comparison to boys who lift to be called a man).

I am not going to write the whole article out in my own words I will simply post the link of the article. However, before judging someone physically think before you say anything. There are people who are curvy, slightly overweight, too skinny, too muscly but its important to take a step back and forget what society wants a body to look like but appreciate all the different shapes and sized bodies come in-

Everyone has their own preference, everyone's body is different and different is beautiful. If its not something you like then just don't aim to be like that but don't make someone whose got a different body feel bad about theirs. Girls especially struggle with body confidence more often than not, make every women feel beautiful.

Building muscle takes time, work, effort and dedication, appreciate someone who is well built, it really is a work of art!


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