This is not how we grew up to see the pyramid of nutrition but this is in actual fact probably what it should be like. 

Your goals, body composition, energy and general daily foods should be based on this. 

On my bad days I focus purely on overall calories for the day and making sure I’m getting my protein in. 

With ever changing myths on nutrition, what we should or shouldn't do, it is confusing and even the actual food pyramid no longer makes sense. In fact I was going to take a conventional food pyramid but on one page, 5 of the pyramids were different. 

I do believe this pyramid to me is an accurate pyramid of what we should actually be concerned about. 

The amount of calories we intake should concern everyone. Its not about low carb, ketogenic, backloading, low fat, high protein etc…

By focusing on your overall consumption in a day. You’ll be able to focus on loosing, maintaining or gaining weight

Then once you know how much you should be eating in a day, you can then look into how many carbs, fats and protein you need for your specific goal. You will need to eat all three for your goal so cutting out food groups shouldn’t be an option. 

The above should work for the majority of people. Then if you’re a specific athlete needing to aid performance and very specific goals you may want to look into meal timings and supplements but note that to most people meal timings and supplements wont help unless your diet is 99% spot on. 

So don’t focus on no carbs after 6pm or having a whey shake post training unless you’re getting the right calories, carbs, protein and fats on a daily basis systematically.