Carbohydrates. Proteins. Fats. These are our three 'macronutrients'; that is, things that every single one of us need to consume in large amounts. Your body needs them for energy, growth and repair, and all of us should be basing our diets around these three key building blocks.

It sounds simple, and possibly even obvious. The problem is, the emergence of new diet 'strategies' can often lead to the restriction of one of these macros.

First FAT was the devil...
Now CARBS are the enemy...
Soon someone will be telling us to stop eating PROTEIN too.

Let me make this clear: any diet requiring you to restrict or completely eliminate one of these three things is:

1. Not sustainable
2. Not a long term solution

How we structure out diets are based on a large number of different things, and no two diets should ever be exactly the same. Depending on your age, gender, medical conditions, activity level and exercise goals, the breakdown of your macros will vary greatly. However, here's a rough breakdown to help you:

CARBS: these should be the largest part of your diet, regardless of anything. Anywhere from 40% up to 70% of your diet should be carbs. The majority of this should be complex carbohydrates, NOT sugars.

PROTEIN: 15-35% of your daily intake. Try to pick lean meats and fish for most of your protein needs. Non animal sources of protein include nuts, seeds and grains (such as quinoa) for any vegetarians out there.

FAT: 15-25% of your daily intake. Fat is needed by the body, but we should still be careful of the amount we have in our diet. Try to limit saturated fats (animal fats, coconut oil etc) and instead have more unsaturated fats (salmon, nuts, avocados) in your diet.

If you're interested in:
1. learning more about sport specific nutrition
2. working out your own macro breakdown for your goals
3. receiving some advice on how to improve your diet

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