Are you having fun?

Exercise and training should be about more than just the end result, or doing something just because it's 'good' for you. There should be an enjoyment aspect to any good training or exercise regime.

Find exercises, or training methods that you enjoy doing. Discover things that make you want to get in the gym to train, or get outside or moving. Not every exercise you do has to be the 'most effective' or 'most functional' or 'most beneficial' - some exercises can just be ones that you like doing, no matter what anyone else thinks or tries to tell you.

We are always trying to add more equipment to our studio - our latest addition being the installation of indoor turf and a 'Prowler'.

We also have a large amount of weightlifting equipment, sandbags, battle ropes, slam balls, boxing pads and more. In other words - something for EVERYONE!

Come and find out for yourself, send us a message and stop by for a visit. You won't regret it, we promise :)