I have many people coming up to me, saying they just aren’t getting the results they want. They ask me why they aren't progressing how they'd like, and here's what I think we all need to consider in this scenario:

Are you following a program tailored to you?
If you aren't, you might want to consider getting a coach to help set a program suited to your needs, abilities and preferences.

If you are, how long have you been following the program for? After a certain amount of time the body adapts so if your progress is stalling but you haven't changed your program in 3 months, that's probably a reason why.

Are you working hard enough? 
If you can hold a whole conversation whilst doing 30 reps, and not be slighty out of breath by the end of it, the chances are you aren’t working hard enough. The same goes for people who lift the same weight for the duration of the 12 weeks. You should be pushing yourself to try and lift heavier as this is how you will progress and make changes, by adding overload to your program.

Are you consistent enough? 
No one needs to be perfect. You don’t need to eat good, nutritious foods and have a training regime that’s 100% spot on 24/7. However you need to be consistent. If you train consistently for 2 weeks, and then take 3 weeks off, don't expect to get results.

Everyone has days that they let their diet slip or don’t train / have bad training sessions. However one bad day, or even a bad week, is not a reason to sack it in entirely. Getting fit and healthy is a life long process - you just need to keep going.

Are you honest? 
Are you honest to yourself about your training and nutrition? Its easy to say I just ate this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and had one snack. But did you account for what your drank? The picking in between meals? How big were your portions? Did you run 5km putting in as much effort as you could or did you run it mindlessly? These seemingly little details add up over the course of a day or week, and can all contribute to a lack of progress.

If you are 100% committed to making changes (even if you aren’t perfect all of the time), the changes will happen. I have never seen someone who deep down really wants to change, not change. Anyone can achieve their goals in healthy, consistent ways if they are knowledgeable on how to do so.

At Core Training we are committed to life long changes.

Your journey. Our mission.