We all know that we need to exercise. However, I don’t think we realise or are aware of all the health benefits that regular exercise can bring. In fact, the more research I did into this topic, the more I uncovered about how exercise can help us in many different ways. You could easily write a book just about the benefits of weight training alone! However, instead of doing that, here is a short list of the key benefits of weight training, with none of the science to keep it simple and to the point:

1) Weight Training helps you control your weight. Though not the only way to control your weight, it certainly is a key element. Weight training helps with weight control as not only do you burn more after your training has ended (EPOC), but as you build more muscle, you burn more on a day to day basis.

2) It will keep you fit. By engaging in resistance exercise regularly, you will maintain not only a decent fitness level but also improve your ability to perform every day activities such as cleaning, walking around, playing with your children etc.

3) Resistance training will keep you mobile or even increase your mobility - this aspect becomes increasingly important as you get older. This is due to the fact that through lifting weights you are strengthening your joints and connective tissues

4) Weight training plays a huge role in helping prevent or reducing the symptoms of health conditions and diseases...

- It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

- Reduces heart disease as it keeps our blood flowing smoothly

- Prevents high blood pressure

- Being active increases your HDL (high-density lipoprotein), otherwise known as good cholesterol.

- Alzheimer’s: Although exercise cannot prevent or cure Alzheimer’s it does boost the chemicals in the brain and support and prevent the degeneration of the hippocampus.

5) Exercise improves your mood, and can therefore help in the treatment of depression. This is due to the endorphins released by the body during exercise (the release of endorphins can also relieve feelings of anxiety). Moreover, it helps us to manage physical and mental stress, as exercise causes an increase in the amount of the chemical in the brain responsible for moderating our stress response.

6) Exercise can help improve self-confidence. Performing a workout can just make you feel good about yourself. As it's been said, no one ever regretted a workout. Not only this, but weight training helps us change our body composition, building muscle and making us looking us tighter and stronger.

7) Weight training helps with arthritis and oesteoropsis, as it strengthens your joints and bones, which again becomes increasingly important as we get older.

As you can see from this short list, weight training can give us many more health benefits outside of purely aesthetic improvements. As you get older, the benefits of exercise other than looking good become extremely important. Don’t simply exercise and eat to look better, exercise and eat and to feel better, to be healthier and stronger.

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