This week, we want to use our blog as a platform to share some stories of success from a selection of our awesome clients. Ultimately, our job is to provide long-lasting results to the people we work with. It is our absolute pleasure, therefore, to celebrate the success some of our clients have had in recent months:

Sally Holmes

Sally is one of our online training clients, and over the past 7 months, she has lost over 20kg since signing up and working with Laura. Her weight loss has come from making progressive improvements to her nutrition, while also increasing her daily step goal and amount of exercise she does. While she suffers with arthritis in her knees, she has not allowed this to stop her or prevent her from achieving her goals. We are so proud of what she has achieved so far, but this is what she has had to say about her current success, and what has worked for her:

“For someone where exercise and good food choices do not come easily, I have found that a combination of motivation, determination and encouragement have worked for me in my recent weight loss and improvements to my health.

By trying different nutritional options and exercise regimes, I have been able to make better decisions as I have found what works for me best.

The continual and consistent support and advice from Core training have helped me make positive changes to my lifestyle. Being organized and having a set plan in place with my food choices (as well as planning my food shopping and delivery) have contributed towards an overall healthier approach to my life. Pacing myself and trying different exercises have made me aware of my ability and potential; it isn't always easy and there are always reasons not to eat well or do exercise, but in the end the benefits outweigh temptation and negativity.”

Sally is a great example of someone who trusts the process and we are so proud of what she has achieved so far. We have no doubt in our mind that she will continue to achieve long-lasting results in the future.


Joy Corthesy

Joy Corthesy is one of our '1-2-1' Personal Training clients who has been working with Will since January 2017. In that time, she has dropped an incredible 15kg in bodyweight, while also undergoing a pretty extensive body recomposition. Not only that, but in this time she has also managed to go from running 4Km to having now run her first 10Km (with an official 10KM race to come)! This is what she had to say about why her training plan works for her:

"Two things have worked for me in terms of figuring out a fitness plan: scheduling in workout sessions and taking away temptation or “quick fixes”.

If I didn’t have lots of vegetables in my fridge, I obviously wouldn’t cook or eat them, and if chocolate and biscuits are available in my kitchen, I’d go to those instead. So I took away temptation, and make sure to always have frozen vegetables in my freezer (so I can at least revert to those when I don’t have fresh produce). Another thing that really helped me was prepping meals on Sundays to take to work for lunch. Often it’s a big batch of soup or roasted vegetables —it’s all a matter of making the time for it. This has totally changed the way I eat, because now, more often than not, I take out the option of reverting to fast food or takeout altogether.

My work schedule can fluctuate depending on my deadlines or traveling, so I always try to look at the week ahead and see where I can fit in a 30-minute run, or a strength-training session at the gym, or a spin class. Then you treat those appointments like you would any other appointment: meaning, you have to go. Unless you’re injured/sick/really too busy, you have to make time for it. And if you really can’t make it: ‘reschedule’ a make up session for it right away.

I think, broadly, a fitness plan works best when it’s you giving time and thought to it, and then actually practicing it for at least 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you know whether or not you can stick to this plan or if you need to adjust. But doing it for at least that amount of time helps you develop these habits and try to stick to them."

Joy has shown tremendous determination and dedication over the past year working with us. We know there's a lot more to come from her, but we can only commend the effort and consistency she continues to put in - every single week. 

We at Core Training feel so lucky for having had the chance to work with (and help) so many incredible clients already. The progress they have achieved thus far is testament to the hard work they put in, as well as the benefits of following a health and fitness program geared towards long-term success and sustained results. We look forward to seeing the continued success from all of our current clients, as well as helping many more people in the future!