Good Friday, Treats Saturday, Feast Sunday



The above is a pretty accurate summary of my bank holiday weekend - I can’t think of a day where I didn’t indulge more than I (probably) should have! Between celebrating Easter and other peoples’ Birthdays, I can safely say that the whole team at Core Training ate and drank a little (or a lot) more than was necessary, and I am sure we aren’t the only ones!


Now we all had a great bank holiday weekend, it is time to get back on track and here I have 5 tips on how to do just that.


1)   First things first: Do not feel guilty


Don’t use guilt from the overindulgence as a (the) reason to get back to your healthy lifestyle. This negative mindset and feelings of guilt will probably lead to punishing yourself, rather than easing yourself back into your normal regime.


So, try not to overcompensate with your training. Stick to your usual routine, and just get back to it. If you try and ‘out-train’ the weekend’s treats, then not only are you attaching negative feelings to your workouts, but the chances are you will be training longer and harder. This can lead to higher levels of fatigue, leaving you unable to adequately recover from your training. This is an unsustainable way of training in the long-term, as well as being thoroughly unenjoyable.


Do not try and skip meals or cut out food groups, just focus on filling your fridge and cupboards with nutritious foods and snacks and ensure you are eating well-balanced meals made up of highly nutritious foods that will leave you feeling satisfied. If you skip meals, there’s a higher chance of you reaching for that leftover Easter egg. The sooner you are back to balanced routine, the sooner you will feel healthy and energized again.


2)   Refocus on what you were/are working towards


Remind yourself of the goals you had been working on before Easter and start off by prioritising them again. On top of this, why not set yourself some new goals to help excite and interest you again? If your goals before Easter were to workout 3 times per week, do 10,000 steps a day and drink 3 litres of water, why not try adding some new performance challenges to your week?


Doing this will give you something new to focus on, which is motivating in itself, but also by focusing on performance goals you have something tangible you can work towards during your exercise sessions (or the week for that matter) – which will provide a sense of accomplishment far sooner than any long-term, aesthetic goals.


3)   Once your fridge is restocked with healthy meals, your exercise routine is planned; the next step is to tackle the leftovers…


You don’t need to finish off all the Easter eggs and treats in the house in order to get back on track! Tidy them away in a cupboard that you rarely open – that way you won’t see/think of them every time you walk into the kitchen. This way, if you get towards the end of the week and are craving a piece of chocolate, you can get yourself a little treat and satisfy that craving rather than have eaten every egg on Sunday only to go out and buy more to satisfy that craving later on in the week! Overly restrictive behaviour can lead to increased cravings, so that when you do eventually give in, you are more likely to binge and overeat than if you had just allowed yourself that square of chocolate a few days earlier.


There is no food that will inherently make you lose weight, nor one that will make you gain weight. So, find a balance between eating well, but also allowing yourself some treats occasionally - this will help you to achieve your goals in the long-term, even if it means a slower rate of progress in the short-term.


4)   Start Each Day off ‘Right’.

Trying to get back into a routine after 4/5 (or more) days off isn’t always easy, so start each day with a couple of straightforward behaviours or routines to help you find your groove again.

Try starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, or getting up in the morning and getting a workout in (even if it’s just a short 20-30 minute session to start with). Doing things such as these will really set you up for the day, and getting your workout done early in the morning frees up the rest of your day!


5)   Reduce ‘Bloating’/Water Retention.

Let’s be honest, alcohol, chocolate, rich foods, and possibly travel for anyone who went away, usually leads to increased water retention and bloating. This can make us feel uncomfortable in our skin and make us look at ourselves more negatively than we should. Here are a few quick things we can all do to ‘beat the bloat’:

 1. Drink plenty of water (and I mean lots – 3+ litres per day)

2.  Eat high fibre foods and fill your diet with 90% + whole foods

3. Sweat a bit

4. Sleep well


Follow these 5 steps and you will be feeling back to your best in no time at all.


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