What are Fat Burners?

By definition, fat burners are supplements that contain certain herbs and chemicals that either increase 'energy expenditure, stimulate metabolism, and/or suppress appetite'. There are hundreds of fat burners to choose from, all with the "claim" they'll help you lose weight. In our opinion, and based on scientific research, however, fat burners are completely useless.

Why don't they work?

Essentially, the only way you can lose fat is to be burning off more energy than you are ingesting. There is no fat burning pill, no fat burning food, no fat burning exercise or drink; it's about your overall Energy In Vs Energy Out. 

What makes them appear like they're working?

1) Most fat burners have ingredients in them such as a caffeine, which will give you an energy boost. This often leads to higher activity levels, leading to a higher energy expenditure than usual.

2) The reason fat burners can "curb" your appetite is because they will most likely have fibre added to them, and fibre helps empty your stomach more slowly; essentially making you feel fuller for longer!

3) Some fat burners have ingredients in them which elevate your body temperature. As a result, you get hotter more quickly, leading to increased sweating (and not much else). 


Fat burners quite honestly are not worth the money. You can get the same stimulating effects from a coffee or energy drink (for a fraction of the price). On this note, be aware of what supplements actually work. Supplement companies have hundreds of supplements they try to sell you, but very few of them have been shown to be beneficial to 90% of the population by scientific research.