the secret to nutrition coaching

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How many of us have wasted time, money and a lot of effort on various, ineffective diets over the years? Quite a lot, I’d say. How many of us continue to go back to these diets because they helped us ‘lose X amount in 8 weeks’ - I’d say a large percentage of that quite a lot. How many of us are forgetting the rebound after the diet, and that X amount lost never really lasted? You can see where I’m going with this…

Is this to say these types of diets can never work? Absolutely not, though I’d say 90%+ of the time, they aren’t long-term solutions. Being able to lose 5kg in 5 weeks doesn’t mean a lot if two months later the weight is back, does it. The truth is, all of these diets tell us they are ‘the solution’ to our problems - but if they really were, why do they fail for so many of us?

Nutrition should not be a OSFA (one size fits all) thing, for any of us. It needs to be tailored to not only the individual, but also the individual’s life circumstances. There are so many different approaches available to us, and the ‘best’ approach for each of us is going to change over time, just as our lives and circumstances change over time.

At Core Training, this is the premise behind our nutrition coaching (just like all of our coaching) - first and foremost, who are we coaching? We take a look at the individual, their current lifestyle and eating habits, and assess what may need to be improved, and how to achieve that. We try and mould a diet around our members, not force them to follow our ‘favourite’ dietary approach.

Good nutrition, or even just improved nutrition, is all about context - for some it may mean eating more, for some eating less. For many it means being aware of and controlling portion sizes - though how this is achieved will vary based, once again, on the individual. We appreciate this at Core Training, and this is why we are constantly re-evaluating the prescribed nutrition approaches for all of our members. We review on a monthly (or even more frequent) basis how they are progressing and getting on with their diet, and make adjustments when necessary.

Does it work? Yes - in the long term. Initially, there is an aspect of (informed) trial and error about it. We make recommendations based on our knowledge, experience and the information we have about our members, but sometimes what we recommend doesn’t work practically for that member… so we re-evaluate, make changes and try again. There is no perfect method, no guarantee the approach you ‘like’ the most will work best for you, but there is one constant: your diet needs to be realistic for you to adhere to. If it isn’t? Well, you just wont stick to it.

Here’s what one of our amazing members, Joy, has said about how nutrition coaching with us has helped her:

“If I didn’t have lots of vegetables in my fridge, I obviously wouldn’t cook or eat them, and if chocolate and biscuits are available in my kitchen, I’d go to those instead. So I took away temptation, and make sure to always have frozen vegetables in my freezer (so I can at least revert to those when I don’t have fresh produce).

Another thing that really helped me was prepping meals on Sundays to take to work for lunch. Often it’s a big batch of soup or roasted vegetables —it’s all a matter of making the time for it. This has totally changed the way I eat, because now, more often than not, I take out the option of reverting to fast food or takeout altogether.”

It doesn’t have to be magic, but it does need to be personal, if it’s going to work.

And that’s exactly what we do - keep the personal in Personal Training.