Nutrition Myth #5: Red Meat is bad for you

nutrition myth 4.png

You have probably heard the following phrase at some point: “Red meat causes cancer.” In case you were worried this might be the case, don’t worry - you don’t need to avoid red meat at all costs!

The current body of evidence suggests that processed red meats, particularly those that have been more ‘charred’ in cooking, pose a slightly greater risk of developing cancer in individuals with poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles… which is a key point in all this!

Ultimately, pretty much everything we eat can increase the risk of developing cancer; but usually this increased risk is insignificant to non-existent if we moderate our intake and follow a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are a healthy weight, follow a regular routine of exercise, eat plenty of fruit and veg and simply moderate your red meat intake, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As with most foods, risk only presents itself if we aren’t following a healthy lifestyle. Controlling our calorie intake, eating a balanced diet and staying physically fit and active will eradicate any of the potential ‘dangers’.

If you are wanting to reduce your red meat intake, however, then start by cutting down on the amount of processed red meats you are consuming; particularly those which have been smoked or cured.

For more on this subject, check out this article on, which provided us with much of the above information: