Summer Goal Setting!

As we've spoken about before, Summer is usually a more social time of year. The warm weather and long evenings make it prime time for BBQs, evening drinks and plenty of social events.

Add in the high likelihood of an extended Summer holiday (2 Weeks +), and you can see why it's going to be extremely hard to pursue your health and fitness goals with the same fervour and discipline that you would throughout most of the year.

So don't.

Instead, change your goals to suit the situation. Factor in more drinks, less exercise and more eating out. Take into account extended breaks from your regular workout routine, and perhaps different activities you partake in over the Summer.

When it comes to health and fitness, the 'goalposts' are constantly moving - make sure you are aware of that and moving them where you both want and need them to go!

If you try to set goals which are too rigid or unrealistic for your current routine, two things are likely to happen:

1) You end up disappointed and downbeat when you fail to achieve them.

2) You sacrifice your quality and enjoyment of life in order to 'stay on track'.

So, make your goals more flexible and less demanding. Give yourself something that is going to be realistic to achieve, while still helping you to be somewhat health conscious. Here are some ideas:

1) Aim to maintain what you have already achieved, as opposed to making more progress.

2) Aim to be smart, not strict with your nutrition: Rather than going through the Summer missing out on the food and drink you really want, set yourself some general guidelines to keep you mindful of your nutrition. For example; every other time you eat out, make a healthier choice, or aim to have a nutritious breakfast and lunch before 'indulging' more in the evening.

3) Aim to be active whenever possible: When on holiday. structured exercise might go out the window, but general activity can be just as good when it comes to maintenance. Opportunities will usually arise to be physically active, so take them!

4) Enjoy the break: A few weeks off regimented nutrition and training are going to be good for both mental and physical recovery. Make the most of your holidays, your time with family or socialising with friends. Maintain the balance whenever you can, but accept you might not be able to do so all of the time.