Looking purely at the cost of something, it’s easy to argue that anything is overpriced. You can argue and convince yourself that everything in the supermarket, everything you buy and everything you pay for costs too much.

But why do we accept the cost of some things, but not others? The word that comes to mind is VALUE. For example, some people see a luxury car as a waste of money, while others would pay above and beyond for their “dream car”. The bottom line is: if you value something, you will pay for it.

This brings me on to personal training – is it a premium product? Yes. Is it a luxury service? To a large extent, yes. Does it cost a lot? Yes, objectively it is a significant financial investment.

However, if you see the value in the service, you would never think the price is too much. Working with a good personal trainer can lead to huge differences both physically and mentally. Learning how to train yourself effectively for your goals, improving your body composition and health markers, learning how to build a nutritional approach that works for you, improving your sports performance or addressing muscular and postural imbalances – these are just several of the numerous health and lifestyle changes that can be made by working with a good coach.

Here is the important caveat, though: if you don’t truly value the service, don’t buy it. If you don’t think something is worth what you are paying for it, are you going to get the most out of it? I highly doubt it. Committing to working with a personal trainer is a big decision, and one you should not take lightly – but one that we will make sure you will never regret.

At Core Training our hourly rate for personal training ranges from 90-110CHF, based on the type of subscription you take (full details at: )

But what you receive in return equates to far more than one hour per week:

-       Face-to-face Personal Training.

-       Bespoke training programs updated monthly, for you to perform in your own time.

-       Nutritional advice and support

-       Regular performance and body composition testing

-       Unlimited online and phone support throughout the week

-       Access to our clients-only Facebook group for additional health and lifestyle        advice.

Our aim is to provide the maximum amount of value to all of our clients. Just as you invest in working with us, we invest in working with you to achieve your goals. The investment might differ in composition (time, knowledge and resources), but it has similar motivations. We invest in our clients because we truly value what they want and need, and their reasons for doing so.


Your Journey: Our Mission.