Why don't we start sooner?

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It's not often we hear, as coaches, a client say ‘I wish I had started later than I did.” It is far more common, though, for us to hear the opposite; or to express the same sentiment ourselves (in any number of different fields). We often regret not starting sooner, but the question is: why don’t we? Why do so many of us have the inclination to put off getting fit, getting strong or losing weight to another day?


I believe a lot of it comes down to confidence. When we are out of shape, or inexperienced, exercise can seem very daunting. When you walk into a crowded gym with very little knowledge on how to lift weights, it can seem like a very scary place (don’t worry: it’s not). I have even been told, several times, that, “I need to lose some weight / get fit before I start training with you.” It may seem silly to read, but we need to understand that these are genuine feelings individuals have, and we need to address why they have them and try to overcome them. For clarity: you don’t need to be a certain weight / fitness level to work with us at Core Training – we are inspired by anyone brave enough to take that first step, and your starting point is largely irrelevant to us – what matters is where you end up!


Already a recurring theme is coming through – fear or intimidation. This is the barrier we are trying to break down through our approach to Personal Training and fitness coaching. Every single person who walks through our door is welcomed with open arms. We don’t want to create an intimidating, but rather a welcoming, friendly environment in our studio. No-one should feel scared or judged when they are exercising – because that’s not when we get the best out of ourselves. We get the best out of ourselves when we are comfortable and confident. So how do we create a sense of comfort and confidence?


Well our first step with new and prospective members is to invite them in for a consultation. This is, more than anything, a chance for us to get to know them and for them to know us – in the form of an informal conversation. We want to make sure that we can offer them what they want, and that they know exactly what it is that we offer. We try to learn about them as individuals and treat them as individuals – because this is what gets the best results, an individualised approach.


Exercise and good nutrition should add to your life, not take away from it. For us, this means building programs around what someone enjoys. If you love chocolate this doesn’t mean allowing you as much as you could possibly want, but it does mean finding a way for you to include it in your diet while still improving your health and fitness (yes, both are possible)!


People don’t stick to things that they don’t enjoy, and this is especially true when it comes to diet and exercise. So, although our members often have to make sacrifices somewhere, we still want to create a sense of enjoyment in their sessions, and in their nutrition. It’s all about balance and moderation – for different people this means different things, but getting the right mix of good, nutritious foods and tasty treats, or exercise and rest, is what gets long-lasting results – not yo-yoing from one extreme to the other.


 Getting people to start sooner and stick with ‘it’ longer is not an easy task, but it does come down to us as coaches. We need to create a sense of confidence in all of our members (and prospective members) – confidence in themselves as well as confidence in us. Seeing others, just like them, do the same and achieve great results is a good way to build confidence, as is being consistent with our message: that ultimately, it’s about feeling good, happy and strong (both mentally and physically). We want everyone to see just what is possible to achieve when given the right environment and support.


We all have the capability to achieve amazing things, when in the right situation. What we do, is get you into that right situation.