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semi-private personal training

This high-end coaching service is for people who want a personalised approach to training and nutrition, while retaining the social benefits of Group Training.

Sessions will consist of up to 4 people, all carrying out their own, individualised workouts with guidance from our coaches.

SP Monthly 1 (4 sessions per month): 280CHF / month

SP Monthly 2 (8 spm): 480CHF/ month

SP Monthly 3 (12 spm): 6800CHF / month

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personal training

Work with one of our Elite Coaches on a 1-2-1 basis to achieve your goals!

You will be provided with a personalised program for your training and nutrition, access to our clients'-only Facebook group and unlimited support over the course of the week and month.

Our monthly Personal Training subscriptions are calculated over a 48 Week Year (4 weeks holiday included), and are as follows:

Monthly 1 (4 sessions per month): 400CHF / month

Monthly 2 (8 spm): 800CHF/ month

Monthly 3 (12 spm): 1,200CHF / month

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group classes

On top of our Personal Training services, we also offer a weekly timetable of Group Fitness Classes. These area imed at getting you stronger, fitter and more confident in the gym, all with the added benefits of a social, group environment.

To book in for your first class, please follow the link below. Remember, your first class is always FREE!

Group Monthly 1 (4 classes per month): 80CHF / month

Unlimited Group Monthly (unlimited classes): 130CHF / month

10 Classes: 250CHF

20 Classes: 400CHF

Our current Group Class Timetable

Our current Group Class Timetable


online coaching

Let our coaches design you a bespoke training and nutrition program that you can perform anywhere in the world. Based on your goals, training level and training preferences, we will create a comprehensive regime for you to follow that fits in with your lifestyle. 

We will monitor your progress with video analysis, weekly check ins and 24/7 email/text support. Your training program will change every 4-6 weeks, and will always be tailored to you.

Price: 100chf/month

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6 Months progress from our online client, Patrick Bradley.

6 Months progress from our online client, Patrick Bradley.